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Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach is without a doubt the most famous beach in the. Crowned as “Asia's Best Beach” and “7th best beach in the world” by Time Magazine, this place sees a lot of tourists. It truly is an unforgettable curve of white sand with perfectly coloured blue waters, all lined by lush forest and palm trees. It is easy to enjoy this postcard-perfect beach – lie down and marvel at the sunset, or go in for a quick swim. Due to its reputation and popularity, one would expect crowds of people rushing to the beach, but the most amazingly the Radha Nagar Beach remains mostly empty compared to other popular beaches of the world.

Kala Pathar Beach

Kalapathar beach is a long stretch of white silky sand with big black rocks beside the blue sea. It is situated on one corner of Havelock and is a continuation of beach No. 5. The beach can get a bit crowded in high season, but if you walk further to the south you’ll find yourself completely alone. There is a small lodging path trough the green jungle, where once was an elephant training camp, but nowadays all you’ll find is a secluded beach. The water is deep enough to swim and it is not affected by tides. There are some rocks and corals so do take care while going into the water. Kalapathar offers couple of umbrellas and wooden chairs. There is also a small picnic area with trash bins set in the shade of the trees.

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is an ideal destination for water sports and for leisure tour. You will be in a world apart when on this beach located in Havelock Islands. Its rich coral reef structure and amazing underwater marine life will certainly spellbind you and want you to keep coming back for more. Elephant beach is nevertheless the best place to visit in Andaman Islands and you will find a lot of Indians and foreign nationals here. This place is ideal for relaxing spending a leisure time with food and drinks.

Neil's Cove

A ten-minute walk down Radhanagar beach is along the beach called Neil’s cove. It is a gorgeous cove with fresh water streams offering an unforgettable swim in the clear light blue waters. Here you’ll also find some fine snorkeling in the calm sea. However one should be careful snorkeling in the cove, as salt-water crocodiles have been spotted here many times.